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    This US State report is 18 pages if you print it out. As with US Government
Pages, this can be found on the Web...but is only a TEXT page. I have made it navigational for easier viewing...(I hope). The State list follows, by clicking on the State name you will go directly to it. You may return to the list at anytime by clicking on the 'up to list' placed through out this page. Here is the list: (also...if you want to go directly to the links to my other can by clicking HERE.)

     1.) Alabama                           19.) Louisiana                37.) Oklahoma
     2.) Alaska                              20.) Maine                      38.) Oregon
     3.) Arizona                            21.) Maryland                 39.) Pennsylvania
     4.) Arkansas                          22.) Massachusetts          40.) Rhode Island
     5.) California                         23.) Michigan                 41.) South Carolina
     6.) Colorado                          24.) Minnesota               42.) South Dakota
     7.) Connecticut                      25.) Mississippi              43.) Tenessee
     8.) Delaware                          26.) Missouri                  44.) Texas
     9.) District of Columbia         27.) Montana                  45.) Utah
    10.) Flordia                             28.) Nebraska                 46.) Vermont
    11.) Georgia                            29.) Nevada                    47.) Virginia
    12.) Hawaii                             30.) New Hamshire         48.) Washington
    13.) Idaho                               31.) New Jersey              49.) West Virginia
    14.) Illinois                             32.) New Mexico            50.) Wisconsin
    15.) Indiana                            33.) New York               51.) Wyoming
    16.) Iowa                                34.) North Carolina     *State Unclaimed
    17.) Kansas                             35.) North Dakota              Property*
    18.) Kentucky                         36.) Ohio                     * Local City & County

    State & Local Government Auctions: The Moneymaker of the 1990's


    Most people are completely unaware of the bargains that can be found in the
most unlikely of places: the government! We're used to reading about the
Pentagon paying $59.00 for a wrench, about the national debt rising higher
and higher, so it's excusable to not think of government and "sales" in the
same sentence.

    Yet nearly every level of government from city and town on up through
county, state and federal, has possession of excess property that must be
disposed of. If this can be accomplished and money raised at the same time,
why not? We want government to be fiscally responsible, right?

    The most common method of parting with this overage of property is through
auction sales. These affairs offer a unique opportunity to the right
person purchases at bargain basement prices which you can turn around and
sell at a profit! The money to be made staggers the imagination.

    From property seized by police officers or customs officials to
repossessions by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are
thousands of items of all types available at rock bottom prices. Whether
you're merely buying for yourself or seeing this as a line of business that
could make you a substantial profit, the key is to identify and locate
these auctions.

    You name it! Houses, cars, jewelry, yachts, government farm equipment,
computers, firewood it's there for the bidding… and the buying! And,
eventually the selling for profit!

    You don't need much experience for this. You are familiar with what many of
these items cost today on the open market. If you buy it far enough below
market value, you can still sell the property yourself at a discount and
make a handsome profit.

    If you yourself have always wanted to own a luxury yacht, here's your
chance. You'll never find your dream purchase at a lower price.

    You could even start a secondhand store or set up shop at a flea market or
swap shop to peddle your merchandise after you've acquired it. Many of
these places are havens for shoppers. You've simply gone them one better by
obtaining the good(s) at an even lower price than they'll pay and they'll
be pleased with their "bargain".

    There are open bidding auctions, where you shout out the dollar value
you're willing to pay following a minimum bid requirement called by the
auctioneer. There are also sealed bid auctions where you submit the price
you're willing to pay. You get only one shot at that type of bidding.

    Be careful with the open bid auctions. You can become so focused on a
particular piece of property that you end up in a "bidding war" that ends
up with your paying more than you should and cutting well into your
eventual profit. Be disciplined! Set a dollar limit ahead of time so that
you can let certain items go if the bidding goes too high. This is a
business now, so common money sense is important. You must now think in
terms of expenses vs. revenue.

    If you have a certain hobby or interest, property in this area may be your
natural market. If you specialize, it can help you concentrate on only
those items in the large auction areas where there are hundreds of people
bidding for thousands of goods. Your focus will be in your area and you'll
soon be an expert on costs, prices and resale's of this commodity.

    Auctions can be hyped up to the point of temptation to overbid. Don't do
it! Remember your goal, your budget and your knowledge of what things cost
and you'll do very well. Through the contacts listed in this booklet, you
will find yourself on a regular mailing list of government auctions. Often,
with the notice, you'll receive a catalog of the items to be sold and
approximately what time they'll be auctioned. This will allow you to budget
your time wisely at these affairs and not get lost in the shuffle.

    This report shows you exactly who to contact about auctions in your state!
We also show you how to find municipal and county auctions. Read on!

    STATE GOVERNMENT AUCTIONS                          up to list

    These are the state contacts and a brief description of auctions held at
this level of government.


    Alabama Surplus Property
    P.O. Box 210487
    Montgomery, AL 36121
    (205) 277-5866

    Alabama auctions offer a variety of goods usually three times a year.
Items: office equipment, cars, farm machinery, trucks, boats, tractors and
more. There is a mailing list you can be placed on.
                                                                       up to list

    Surplus Property Management Office
    2400 Viking Drive
    Anchorage, AK 99501
    (907) 279-0596

    It's best to call the Juneau office (907) 465-2172 to be placed on their
mailing list. There are weekly auctions of smaller items like furniture and
office equipment and spring and fall auctions for larger items like cars.


    Office of Surplus Property
    1537 W. Jackson Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
    (602) 542-5701

        Auctions held four times per year. Items: computers, cars, furniture and
thousands of other pieces. Mailing list is available.               up to list


    State Marketing & Redistribution Office
    6620 Young Rd.
    Little Rock, AR 72209
    (501) 565-8645

    Mailing list available. Both regular and sealed bid auctions are held.
Weekly events.


    Office of Fleet Administration
    1416 10th Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 657-2318                                                           up to list

    Open bid auctions once a month of surplus vehicles on Saturdays at
Sacramento or Los Angeles. Mailing list.


    Department of Correctional Industries
    State Surplus Agency
    4200 Garfield Street
    Denver, CO 80216
    (303) 321-2200

    Several auctions per year. Mailing list is available. Nonprofit
organizations have first choice.
                                                                          up to list

    State Auction Department
    60 State St. Rear
    Wethersfield, CT 06109
    (203) 566-7018 (or (203) 566-7190)

    Eight to ten auctions per year. Vehicles usually auctioned on the second
Saturday of the month. Registration fee.


    Division of Purchasing Surplus Property
    P.O. Box 299
    Delaware City, DE 19706
    (302) 834-4550                                                               up to list

    In May and September, there are public auctions of vehicles, office
furniture and other surplus property. Mailing list is available.


    Department of Public Works
    5001 Shepard Parkway
    Washington, DC 20032
    (202) 404-1068

    Vehicle auctions held the first and third Tuesday of the month. No mailing
list. Registration fee.

FLORIDA                                                          up to list

    Department of Management Services
    813A Lake Bradford Road
    Tallahassee, FL 32304
    (904) 488-5272

    This address is a "retail" store with items available for sale. Motor
Vehicle Bureau (904) 488-5178 holds vehicle auctions once a month at
various locations throughout the state.


    Department of Administrative Services
    Purchasing Division, Surplus Property
    1050 Murphy Avenue, S.W.
    Atlanta, GA 30310
    (404) 756-4800

    Several auctions per year, held on the third Wednesday of the month chosen.
Mailing list. Items: vehicles, shop equipment, typewriters, computers,
copiers and more.                                                                 up to list


    No state surplus auctions.


    Division of Purchasing
    (208) 327-7465

    Idaho's state agencies hold their own auctions. You must contact the
specific state agency directly. Auctions advertised in newspaper.
                                                                   up to list

    Central Management Services
    Division of Property Control
    3550 Great Northern Ave.
    Springfield, IL 62707
    (217) 793-1813

    Auctions held at Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield two or three
times per year on Saturdays. Mailing list available for $20/year. Items:
desks, chairs, calculators, cameras, refrigerators and more.


    State Surplus Property Section
    229 W. New York Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
    (317) 232-0134

    Auctions held as needed each year. No mailing list, but contact this office
in May for a schedule.

IOWA:                                                       up to list

    Department of Natural Resources
    Wallace State Office Bldg.
    Des Moines, IA 50319
    (515) 281-5121

    Auction is second Saturday of May for items such as boats, fishing rods,
tackle boxes and hunting equipment. The Vehicle Dispatchers Garage holds
vehicle auctions three to four times per year. Call (515) 2815121.


    State Surplus Property
    P.O. Box 19226
    Topeka, KS 666190226
    (913) 296-2334

    Many items left over for sale following offering to state agencies. Contact
office for information on events.


    Office of Surplus Property
    514 Barrett Avenue
    Frankfurt, KY 40601                                                       up to list
    (502) 564-4836

    Saturday auctions every two to three months as needed. Items: vehicles,
desks, chairs, couches, beds, lawn mowers, etc. Mailing list is available.


    Division of Administration
    Louisiana Property Assistance Agency
    P.O. Box 94095
    Baton Rouge, LA 708049095
    (504) 342-6849

    Auctions held on the second Saturday of each month at 1502 N. 17th St.
Items: medical and office equipment, boats, bicycles, televisions, vehicles
and more.

MAINE:                                                                   up to list

    Office of Surplus Property
    Station 95
    Augusta, ME 04333
    (207) 289-5750

    Public auctions five to six times per year. Primarily vehicles. No mailing


    Department for Surplus Property
    P.O. Box 122
    8037 Brock Bridge Rd.
    Jesup, MD 20794

    No public auctions. Address above is a "retail" store for surplus property.

MASSACHUSETTS:                                                       up to list

    State Purchasing Agency
    Department of Procurement & General Services
    Surplus Property
    One Ashburton Place
    Boston, MA 02108
    (617) 727-7500

    Public auctions six times per year, usually on Saturdays. Vehicles
primarily. No mailing list.


    Department of Management & Budget
    State Surplus Property
    P.O. Box 30026
    Lansing, MI 48913
    (517) 335-8444

    Mailing list. Several auctions per year. Items: office furniture, household
goods, machinery, livestock, vehicles and more.

MINNESOTA:                                                               up to list

    Surplus Operations Office
    5420 Highway 8
    New Brighton, MN 55112
    (612) 639-4022

    About 15 auctions per year held around the state. Items include vehicles,
boats and snowmobiles along with jewelry, furniture, computers, stereos and
more. Mailing list.


    Bureau of Surplus Property
    P.O. Box 5778
    Jackson, MS 39288
    (601) 939-2050

    Two to three auctions per year of machinery and vehicles. Mailing list.

MISSOURI:                                                               up to list

    Surplus Property Office
    Materials Management Section
    P.O. Drawer 1310
    Jefferson City, MO 65102
    (314) 751-3415

    Regular auctions held throughout the year. Items: clothing, office
equipment and vehicles. Mailing list.


    Property and Supply Bureau
    930 Lyndale Avenue
    Helena, MT 59620
    (406) 444-4514

    One auction a year for vehicles. Mailing list. Other property auctioned the
second Friday of each month.

NEBRASKA:                                                                   up to list

    Office of Administrative Services
    Material Division, Surplus Property
    P.O. Box 94901
    Lincoln, NE 68509
    (402) 479-4890

    Auctions held three to four times per year. Items: office furniture,
computers, couches and more. Separate vehicle auctions held. Mailing list.


    State Purchasing Division
    Kinkead Bldg. 400 Capitol Complex
    Carson City, NV 89710
    (702) 687-4070

    Second Saturday in August at 2250 Barnett Way, Reno, Nevada, 89512.
Separate sealed bid auction mailing list is available, too. You must bid at
least once over two to three auctions or you'll be dropped from the list.


    Office of Surplus Property                                                   up to list
    78 Regional Drive Building 3
    Concord, NH 03301
    (603) 271-2126

    Two auctions per year of vehicles and other property. Mailing list.


    Purchase and Property Distribution Center
    Trenton, NJ 08625
    (609) 530-3300

    State vehicle auctions as needed. Mailing list.


    Highway & Transportation Department                                           up to list
    P.O. Box 1149
    Santa Fe, NM 87504

    Last Saturday in September. Vehicles and office equipment. Mailing list.


    Office of General Service
    Bureau of Surplus Property
    Bldg. #18, Harriman State Office Bldg. Campus
    Albany, NY 12226
    (518) 457-6335

    Frequent auctions around the state. Sold by category. Mailing list.


    State Surplus Property                                                       up to list
    P.O. Box 33900
    Raleigh, NC 27636
    (919) 733-3889

    Sealed bid auctions. Mailing list. Warehouse available to inspect items.


    Surplus Property Office
    P.O. Box 7293
    Bismarck, ND 58507
    (701) 224-2273

    Annual auction each September. Items: vehicles, office furniture and
equipment. Auction is advertised two days in advance.


    State and Federal Surplus Property                                      up to list
    4200 Surface Road
    Columbus, OH 43228
    (614) 466-5052

    Public auctions and sealed bid sales several times per year. Mailing list.
Items: vehicles, office machines, furniture and more.


    Central Purchasing Department
    Central Services, B4, State Capitol
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105
    (405) 521-3046

    Several auctions throughout the year. $10 gets you on a mailing list.


    Department of General Services                                           up to list
    Surplus Property
    1655 Salem Industrial Dr., N.E. Salem, OR 97310
    (503) 378-4714

    Public auctions held every Friday of items such as vehicles, desks,
computers, snow plows, horse trailers and more.


    General Services Department
    Bureau of Vehicle Management
    2221 Forster Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17105
    (717) 783-3132

    Vehicle auctions at least ten times per year. Mailing list. Bureau of
Supplies (7177874083) also auctions numerous items. Mailing list available.


    Department of Administration                                               up to list
    Division of Purchase
    1 Capitol Hill
    Providence, RI 02908

    Rare public auctions, advertised in local papers. Sealed bids to a list of
buyers of vehicles and office equipment. Call to see if you can get on the


    Surplus Property Office
    Division of General Services
    1441 Boston Avenue
    West Columbia, SC 29170
    (803) 822-5490

    Warehouse is at above address. Auctions held periodically. No mailing list.
Public Transportation Office (8037371488) keeps a mailing list for its
vehicle auctions held every five to six weeks.


    Bureau of Administration                                                       up to list
    State Property Management
    701 East Sioux Avenue
    Pierre, SD 57501
    (605) 773-4935

    Two auctions per year, spring and fall. Vehicles. Mailing list.


    Department of General Services Property Utilization
    6500 Centennial Blvd.
    Nashville, TN 37243
    (615) 741-1711

    Periodic auctions of vehicles and assorted machinery. Mailing list.


    State Purchasing & General Services Commission
    P.O. Box 13047
    Capitol Station                                                                       up to list
    Austin, TX 78711
    (512) 463-3445

    Every two months, auction of vehicles, office furniture, machines and
highway equipment is held. Mailing list.


    State Surplus Office
    522 South 700 West
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104
    (801) 533-5885

    Auctions of vehicles, office furniture and heavy equipment are held four or
five times per year. Mailing list.


    Central Surplus Property Agency
    RD #2 Box 520
    Montpelier, VT 05602                                                                   up to list
    (802) 828-3394

    Warehouse at Central Garage on Barre Montpelier Street. Items: office
furniture and machines. Public auctions for vehicles in May and September.
Mailing list.


    State Surplus Property
    P.O. Box 1199
    Richmond, VA 23231
    (804) 786-3876

    Regular auctions for all types of items including office equipment,
computers, tractors, bulldozers and more. Mailing list. Cars auctioned
twice a year.


    Office of Commodity Redistribution
    2805 C. St. SW Bldg. 5, Door 49                                           up to list
    Auburn, WA 98001
    (206) 931-3931

    Central warehouse open noon to 2:30 PM on Fridays. Cash only.


    State Agency Surplus Property
    2700 Charles Avenue
    Dunbar, WV 25064
    (304) 766-2626

    Auctions every month. Items: chairs, desks, telephones, computers and more.
Mailing list.


    Department of Transportation
    P.O. Box 7396
    Madison, WI 53707                                                           up to list

    Warehouse at Hill Farm Bldg., 4802 Sheboygan Avenue. Department of
Administration (6082668024) holds public auctions every month for vehicles.
Mailing list.


    State Motor Pool
    723 West 19th St.
    Cheyenne, WY 82002
    (307) 777-7247

STATE UNCLAIMED PROPERTY                                   up to list

    There are billions of dollars in this country in unclaimed money sitting in
state property offices money from uncashed stock dividends, forgotten bank
accounts, insurance proceeds, utility deposits, safe deposit boxes and
similar uncollected items.

    People move, die, lose track of various accounts; it all adds up to huge
dollars. After a stipulated period of time that this money goes unclaimed,
the state is notified and then tries to track down the rightful owners of
the money.

    How does this affect you? Obviously, if you think you may be the
beneficiary of some of that unclaimed money, you can contact your state's
department of revenue to find out more. The other possibility is the
opportunity to help track down the missing individuals. State resources
being slim these days, you may be able to earn a finder's fee by locating
the person.

    Finder's fees can range fairly high depending on the amount you make
someone aware that they're entitled to receive. Some states have formal
rules on the fee you could be paid. There is a concern on the states' part
about overcharging the beneficiary, so keep the fees reasonable. It is a
way to earn some money through your ability to track people down and tell
them about their unclaimed cash.

    Contact your state's department of revenue for a lead on this information
and about any fee restriction or regulation that may exist.

LOCAL CITY & COUNTY AUCTIONS                       up to list

    There are far too many municipalities to try and list them all here. To
find out if your county, parish or town holds surplus property auctions
just contact their main office and ask someone. Usually, they are only too
happy to help. The larger the city or county is, the more likely they are
to hold auctions for surplus property. If you live in a rural area, don't
be discouraged. Even if your town does not hold any auctions, you might
still benefit from contacting them as they may be able to steer you toward
a nearby county or town that does!

    SUMMARY: You're In Business Now!

    This is a wide assortment of contact listings for you to begin your new
career in the buying and selling business. People are going to buy goods
from you or from someone else. Why not take advantage of the outstanding
savings you can accumulate by having the government locate your
acquisitions for you?

    You always thought the government only took taxes from you. Here's a chance
to get some back! Of course, it will probably increase your taxes as your
income goes up, but that's a good problem to have, right?

    Good Luck!
                                                                                       up to list

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