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      I hope it has been helpful in your search for phone numbers and addresses. Several can be found on the internet..while others are a little harder to find! If you have printed out this information..I ask you please e-mail me to let me know Here!
 GSA Sales

        GSA (General Service Administration) is a major auctioneer of
surplus government property, including lots of Real Estate. All of these
auctions are handled from their main office in Ft. Worth, Texas. There are
two addresses available. They are:

     Office of Real Property
     819 Taylor Street
     Ft. Worth, Texas   76201
     (817) 334-2351
    Office of Property Disposal                       U.S. General Services Administration 
    18th and F Streets, NW, 
     Room 4244 
     Washington, D.C., 20405
      Asst.Comm. Brian Polly 
      Phone: (202) 501-0084 
      Fax: (202) 208-1714 
                                                Please write to us at:

                                     Boston Real Estate Sales Office

    U.S. General Services 
    10 Causeway Street 
     Boston, MA 02222
     Director: Frank Prout 
     Phone: (617) 565-5700 
      Fax: (617) 565-5720 
      Toll-Free: 800-755-1946 

                            States covered include: Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana,
                        Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New
                         Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Puerto Rico, Rhode
                         Island, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Wisconsin.

                                        Atlanta Real Estate Sales Office
U.S. General Services 
 Peachtree Summit Federal 
 401 West Peachtree Street 
 Atlanta, GA 30365-2550
 Director: Thomas J. Maguire 
  Phone: (404) 331-5133
  Fax: (404) 331-2727 
  Toll-Free: 800-473-7836 


                                      States covered include: Alabama, Delaware, District of
                              Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland,
                               Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,
                               Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

                                      Fort Worth Real Estate Sales Office

     U.S. General Services 
     819 Taylor Street 
     Fort Worth, TX 76102 
     Director: George Prochaska 
      Phone: (817) 978-2331 
      Fax: (817) 978-7063 
      Toll-Free: 800-833-4317 
                                   States covered include: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas,
                            Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North
                            Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming.

                                     San Francisco Real Estate Sales Office
    U.S. General Service Administration       450 Golden Gate Ave. - 4th Floor E. 
    San Francisco, CA
     Director: Clark Van Epps 
     Phone: (415) 522-3429 
     Toll-Free: 800-421-7848 
     Fax: (415) 522-3213 

                      States covered include:  Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii,
                      Idaho, Oregon, Washington, American Samoa, Guam,
                      The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

                       You can find a list of Regional Personal Property Sales
                      Offices   at .

                             GSA Property Disposal Offices


                                      Field Offices