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          I hope it has been helpful in your search for phone numbers and addresses. Several can be found on the internet..while others are a little harder to find! If you have printed out this information..I ask you please e-mail me to let me know Here!                                        (Just click on your preference)
Customs Auctions Page U.S. Post Office Sales
GSA Sales  Trustee and  Bankruptcy Sales
HUD/FHA and RTC Sales Military Sales
IRS Tax Sales You can print out the complete list here if you want.
U.S. Marshal Sales Links Page

Some New pages added on 4/17/99

Federal Auction info More Military info
More US Marshal info State Agency info
A free report on US Government Land for sale. (BLM) State Auction info
A free report on Real Property. A 40 page Handbook
on US Gov't auctions